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import of photo's
Can some one please explain how get photo's into gimp from Mac photo or from an sd card.
regards Ray
Not many Mac users visit this forum. You could also try one or two Mac users there.

I do not know Mac photo I use linux but does the Mac have a SD card reader? If it does does the SD card mount as another storage drive. If not have you tried a SD-to-USB converter. Same question, will Gimp see it. There could be permissions issues preventing copying/transfers.

Will gimp open an image already stored on your computer? If it does maybe a roundabout: Image on SD to Cloud Storage then Cloud Storage to location where Gimp can load it.

Old comment on this issue:
but read down for some work-arounds
The SD card should appear somewhere in your file tree (if you can see it in your file explorer..). The it is at worst using File>Open and navigating to the adequate folders/directory.

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