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[split] Gimp 2.10, Resynthesizer, Linux
I installed resynthesizer and bimp. Additionally I installed some brushes and fonts. I also installed AppImage for Gimp. On Monday evening I got everything running. Yesterday resynthesizer was gone but the rest was still there. My gimp crashed several times today. Suddenly resynthesizer was running but my installed fonts, brushes and bimp were gone. They are still in the folders they should be in but somehow gimp has forgotten them. I have the latest version of gimp running under linux unbuntu 20.04. Has anyone an idea what happened? I don't get it.
Quote:I have the latest version of gimp running under linux unbuntu 20.04.

Can you confirm which version of Gimp you installed - look in Gimp menu Help -> About and where you installed it from ?
You have an appimage. The new install, is this from the ubuntu repository (Gimp 2.10.18) or perhaps a flatpak or a snap installation (Gimp 2.10.24)

The appimage has a different user profile ~/.config/GIMP-AppImage/ to a regular installation ~/.config/GIMP/ and both flatpak or snap, different again. Your fonts / brushes / plugins in one location are not seen by the others.

An additional snag is the default ubuntu 20.04 Gimp 2.10.18 and the ubuntu snap version do not support python. Any python plugins such as heal-selection do not work.

Give the additional info and maybe something can be worked out.

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