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€30 via Paypal to remove background from image
Hello everyone,

€30 via Paypal for the person who is able to remove the following lady from her background, putting her upon a transparent background:

[Image: Ignis.jpg]

Made with cheating  Angel

The automatic process was not perfect, but some masks and details such as the sword, etc. could be redone.

I used
My attempt Smile

@ Immortality. Why not remove the background yourself? Using Linux and Gimp 2.8 ? Gimp 2.8 is OK, it has all the essential tools.

Image quality: That is not a great jpeg. Lots of jpeg artifacts. I had a quick look around, nothing better that I can see, but if there is one use it.

It can be improved a little using the gmic plugin - there is a unquatisize (jpeg smooth) filter. 

IMHO nothing is better for this type of image than diving in at a pixel level using a layer mask. 
If the image details are 'dubious' because of similar colours, add a duplicate and 'tweek-it' as a reference .
The default checker transparency marker can be distracting. Add a BG layer, some neutral colour light blue / green / grey. This can show up the bits you missed.


Then just a matter of (carefully) painting out the BG.

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your skilful contributions.
I humbly feel rich2005's worked out best, with everyone elses contribution being ever better than what I can presently do.

Unfortunately I run Windows 10, 32-Bits. The Gmic plugin only works with 64-Bits. There are older 32-Bits versions available, but it was uncertain if this would work with the latest versions of Gimp. I would have liked to use this plugin to attain my goal, but couldn't.

Would master Rich be willing to receive €30 via Paypal?

Thank you and yours kindly,

I never require paying, if you do want to part with some euro's then try

Even with win10 32 bit that will run a Gimp 2.10, the gmic unquantisize does not fix very much. A better way is start with a quality image.

Just practise as much as possible and you will get there.
You are a noble man, Rich, living in accord with the virtues of the Open Source mentality that will one day heal the world.
I'll go make the donation you suggested.

All the best to you and everybody else,


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