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2.10.2 16 Bit Issue
I just recently downloaded the latest version of Gimp 2.10.2. Everything says it can work with 16 bit files, but every time I try to open a tiff file (either by direct opening or from LR) I get the following:

Tiff Image Message

The image you are loading is 16 bits per channel. Gimp can only handle 8 bit, so it will be converted for you. Information will be lost because of this conversion.

Running it on Windows 10 64 bit. Any help would be appreciated and I do apologize if the topic has been previously discussed in a previous thread.
Weird... I downloaded several 16-bit TIFF images from and

In Gimp 2.10.2, they all open as a  "16-bit gamma integer" image
In Gimp 2.8.22, they all open without any warning

Would you have some old TIFF plugin lingering in your Gimp 2.8 user profile, that got copied over to the Gimp 2.10 profile?
I uninstalled the previous version of Gimp before installing the new one. The last one was the 2.9.x.
Just reinstalled it and it seems to be working fine now. Shoulda done this before posting. Thanks anyhow.

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