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2.10 Gradient Tool
I am trying to follow a tutorial which requires a step using the gradient tool. For some reason, I cannot get the tool to give me a "Linear HSV" or any other colour type for that matter. I set it to linear, but the description tell me it is "Clockwise" or "Anticlockwise". Hence the gradient does not give the required Foreground to Background gradient I am suppose to achieve. Can somebody give me some advice on this please.

I think you better give some reference to the procedure.

deleted really dumb reply 

In the gradient tool options click in the icon to select the type of gradient 

Hi Rich
Maybe the best way to explain this is to get you to try what I am trying to do
If you follow this URL

With reference to the screen snip attachment from the Tutorial screen. Try and do what it tells you up to the first 1 minute and 47.

After rotating the clouds and moving them down you create a layer mask, and then draw a gradient up the image. When I draw the gradient, the rotated cloud image border is not covered up by the gradient as per the tutorial. If I take the gradiant too far up my image is all white.

I have tried all of the different gradiants.You will notice he uses an HSV. I only have an RGB.

I cannot replicate what is supposed to happen. 


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I was not so far out with my dumb deleted entry Wink That video has every tool including the kitchen sink in it. I can not see anything wrong in your screenshot.

EDIT Oh yes, see it now, you have a white base layer. Turn visibility off temporarily. However for the gradient.

First add a layer mask Layer -> Mask -> Add layer mask - White (full opacity) . That has to be active so click in the mask icon. Active has a white border not easy to see with the white mask but it is there.

As it happens, it does not matter if the gradient type is RGB or HSV but if you want choose HSV, and Shape = Linear

Foreground / Background is default black / white so the gradient goes from black to white. Anything black in the layer mask is transparent so you need to go white (bottom of image) to black (top of image) If you apply the gradient bottom to top then you need to reverse the gradient. There is a little icon top of the gradient tool options for this.

Now apply the gradient on the image to blank out above the clouds. Hit the enter key to complete.

Well, Rich, I don't think I would have thought of that, even though I have come across it before. Must be getting old. Thanks again

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