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2.8 - 2.10, Interface text is not english.
I had 2.8 on my system (OSX 10.13.6). I tried and tried to find an answer to this. I just downloaded 2.10, and same thing. I deleted the app, deleted all the preferences (including in ~Library), and same thing.
Theme is dark grey. all icons are light grey. Interface text (not menu pull downs - they're okay) are a very small and not english font.

My Gimp Preferences window screenshot is included.

I'm guessing it's something simple, but nothing I've read has addressed this. Help!

You should be able to change the theme and the icon theme from the screenshot here: using the relative positions in the preferences list. That shows the icons. The themes are just above it and the last in the theme list is 'system' (it will be gibberish to you) try that one first.

The not simple bit.
The font its self is more problematic. I think this has been reported before for OSX, but I am not sure. A search came up with this similar state for Windows. You might want to report the problem as a new issue.

Alternative. Try the Gimp 2.10.12 8 version from Partha It might be better.

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