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2.8/linux: Toolbox not opening. other operations work
When I click on the Toolbox menu entry the toolbox panel does not comes up. nothing happens.
I am able to add layers, do selections etc but not able to access the toolbox.
I was trying to set the FG color while creating a layer mask and discovered this problem.
I did not spot any error message from gimp 
any pointers greatly appreciated

More information please. Are you in multi-window mode or in Single Window mode ?

What happens when you hit the tab key?

Probably your best bet is Edit -> Preferences Window Management -> Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values and start again from scratch.

However a couple of 40 second possible senario demos:

In multi-window mode the toolbox closed and can be restored from Windows -> New Toolbox
In single window mode, the toolbox closed and the drag-n-drop area hidden. (it can happen but not often)
@rich thanks for the quick reply. I did not know about single/multi window. But after reading ur msg I selected single-window from windows menu and the toolbox appeared. I am guessing in mul;ti-window mode it may be going off-screen?
Can I set it to be at some location relative to the main window? I right now have a working solution in switching to single window when i need toolbox. Just nicer to fix the multi-window issue.
Are you using two monitors ? That might be a problem.

I would try this.
Go into multi-window mode.
Reset the windows to default positions Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management -> Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values and restart Gimp.
That should give toolbox+tool options on the left - the main Gimp window - layers / brushes etc on the right and all fairly close together. (Then into multi-window mode, if not already there.)
Then you can drag around the docks, resize the main window, set up the way you want.
Back to Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management and there just under Window Positions is a toggle for Save window positions on exit toggle that off.
Now click on Save Window Positions Now , OK Preferences and restart Gimp.
Gimp will start up in that layout.

If you dont like it it then toggle that Save window positions on exit on and Gimp will now remember whatever is last used.
tks rich. was able to set up the layout. My screen dimensions are slightly off and gimp uses full screen in multi mode. so the toolbox was off display area in left side. I dont use full screen much so had not faced this problem..
Tks again I followed ur instructions and set the startup layout

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