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2.8 on Chrome Linux

Is it possible to install 2.8 on Chrome Linux Laptop? I installed the latest version but because of school lessons for my son, they want the 2.8 version installed and not latest version.

This is a chromebook with embedded linux - is that correct.

Just seen a couple of videos on installing Gimp in a chromebook. Both showed the installed linux as Debian and the version of Gimp you get is fixed by the Debian release.
Video from 2019 showed Debian 9 - you get Gimp 2.8
Video from 2020 showed Debian 10 - you get Gimp 2.10

I do not think there will be any easy way to get back to Gimp 2.8 in Debian 10

At a basic level, you can set up Gimp 2.10 to look like Gimp 2.8 Thin the toolbox down, move docks around. Some tools do act in slightly different ways but nothing that can not be resolved.
I followed this video

So I have exactly installed as the video.
Yes, that is one I looked at: Debian 9
much the same as: Debian 10

Nothing to do with the way you installed Gimp, everything to do with the version of linux chromebook comes with.
So i cannot uninstall everything and try to install 2.8 in another way?
(04-27-2020, 10:50 AM)emvella Wrote: So i cannot uninstall everything and try to install 2.8 in another way?

Generally no.

ChromeOS is good if you want simple-to-use and get-what-you-are-given. Linux is a bit more hands on.

I do not have an up-to-date chromebook to try anything on.  This is my portable Gimp 2.8 (very reluctant to pass this on) It might work with the Debian you have installed in the chromebook.  This is a 60 MB zipped file.

For some reason youtube is hanging, processing nothing, at the moment. When it finishes I will post a YT link. duration about 2 minutes.

It is a Debian 10 but a virtual machine, The desktop is MATE so will not look like your installation.

The only good thing is you can not really do any  damage.

(anyone else; no good for 'buntu 20.04  too many changes, ok for 18.04 / mint 19)
Hi rich2005 and thanks for your help.

It seems that is not working for me, when I click on AppRun it is opening a notepad page with text.
Sounds like you have lost the executable file permissions. I did make the files executable before zipping, Maybe the chromeOS un-zipper removes everything. Might be considered a safety (big brother) feature.

Try this one, using the linux file manager to re-set the permissions.  duration 3 minutes

If that does not work, you will just have to accept that you get a up-to-date chromebook, it comes with up-to-date linux which comes with up-to-date gimp 2.10

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