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An interesting little bike and well done. I notice the pedal sprocket has a guard over it so people with wide trousers won't get caught in it. Battery powered bikes make less emissions but can burn down your house re-charging. I guess this is not a modern bike but  pre-climate change?
(07-29-2023, 01:23 AM)Tas_mania Wrote: I guess this is not a modern bike but  pre-climate change?

Automoto was a french brand from 1902 to 1962 (absorbed by Peugeot).
I don't really know this brand but I would say that the model Ofnuts is showing is from the 50s or very beginning of the 60s, yes well before even thinking about climate Wink
1950-era bike (brand ceased to exist in 1962)....

The pedal sprocket is on the other side. The big grey disk is a clutch. The little button opposite to the pedal and partly hidden by the foot stand is is used to engage/disengage the engine. In regular usage it's engaged, so the engine turns when you pedal and this is how the engine is started. If the engine doesn't start, you disengage it, and you are left with a rather heavy pedal bike.
@Ofnuts, beautiful with that colorless foggy background in combination with the out of focus. Nice job!

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