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2D video software
Hi, can someone suggest a good 2D intro video maker ? I thought of SynfigStudio, but the interface looks so dated. I can use Windows 10 if needed. It will be nice to have some pre-made actions like zoom in, zoom out, fade in fade out, flying in etc

Thanks Smile
Just my two euros worth and I am old-school, tend to hands-on use, however

For simple 'flat' images any of the current crop of video editors such as OpenShot or Kdenlive will zoom and transition in various ways.
The very simplest zoom and transition I can think of is a slideshow maker, Photofilmstrip. That is all it does, zoom and a plain transition (imgur mangled the start but you get the idea)

For fly-in / fly around then you are probably looking at Blender but I find the interface so horrible I do not use it.

Hopefully there are more useful contributions.
Thanks. There are some tools that came first on Google, some of them look very engaging. I am used to the Blender UI. But I though Blender is a bit too complex for 2D. Smile

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