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32 bit floats that do not clip
I just started seriously looking at this with the 32 bit float and linear stuff.  One person that seems to understand this is here:

In particular, part C:
"GIMP 2.9 does provide a number of "unclamped" editing operations from which the clipping code in the equivalent GIMP 2.8 operation has been removed. For example, at floating point precision, the Levels upper and lower sliders, Unsharp Mask, Channel Mixer and "Colors/Desaturate/Luminance" do not clip out of gamut RGB channel values (however, Curves does clip). Also the Normal, Lightness, Chroma, and Hue blend modes do not clip out of gamut channel values."

What blows my mind is that some operations do not clip the rgb values at 100%.  In other words, I can go brighter than white and darker than black and still recover the information.  So it looks like some of the color operations allow this.

For example the exposure, HCL color changer, brightness and contrast, and a few others I think, allow me to blow out the colors and still recover them.

Quick example:  Start point
I darken it too much
Normally I would lose that info, but the color picker shows values below 0%

I can get it back!!!

Look at those values!
I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, but it really excited me to discover it

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