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A bit of Nostalgia
In the evenings I like to pull out my old Acer C720 chromebook - no chrome here, it runs on a 32bit Xubuntu.

I am not into computer games but I do run a 1992 DOS Scrabble, playing against the computer and I did try to get a GIMP for you to see but had to use a 'wild-card'. This uses the official scrabble dictionary of the time. No modern words permitted.


A couple of days ago, even older, I found a 3.5" floppy with a DOS Tetris from 1988. I will have played this on my Amstrad DOS 3.3 with two 720MB floppy drives but no colour, a greenscreen monitor.  A nice touch, not a screensaver, a job-saver, in case the boss is snooping. Hit the pause key and you get a fake spreadsheet, looks a bit SuperCalc-ish but a giveaway is the date '1 April'

The "boss" key is a mandatory feature in any game.
Another simple DOS game, still running in DOSbox 0.74 :

Cheat key F4, a winner when you think the game is cheating you...

A screengrab of a quaint message that is still in the latest versions of Debian and MX-Linux.

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