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Add ons for gimp
I have gimp 2.10 on my google pixel book (Chromebook). I would like to add additional brushes, some presets and maybe filters and overlays.

I have been able to download brushes, but cannot figure out how to get the brushes from downloads into gimp.

Any guidance would be apppreciated.
This video should help:

Also, here is the relative page from the Gimp docs:
Take anything from DM with a pinch of salt. A PS user making money from Gimp. At least that video is not too long, Take out the advertisements and it would be 3 minutes instead of 6 Unfortunately it a demo in Windows not linux

From what I read Chromebooks come with linux embedded and depending on the linux OS makes a difference to the version of Gimp.

Which sub-version of Gimp? Use the Gimp menu Help -> About and find the version 2.10. ...what 10 / 12 / 14 / 18 /20 Which one ?

Next where to put resources for Gimp. Resources = brushes / scripts / plug-ins / fonts / ...etc Each have their own folder in your Gimp User Profile.

The Gimp User profile is a folder created just for you the first time Gimp runs. Where to find this folder?
In a regular linux it is /home/usr_name/.config/GIMP/2.10/ where .config is a hidden folder - lots of hidden files/folders in linux. Depends on the file manager but look for a view or a control menu or often a shortcut Alt key plus the stop (.) key works

Some Gimps put the User profile in another place. The only sure way to find out is Gimp menu Edit -> Preferences -> Folders then look in the entries for brushes .. etc. For example I have two entries /home/rich/.config/GIMP/2.10/brushes and /usr/share/gimp/2.0/brushes. The first one is where your extra brushes go.

From what I read the chromebook file manager works overall. see:

One final check, and this really depends on version of linux and Gimp. Open Gimp and in the filters menu do you have both a Python-Fu & Script-Fu entries of just a single Script-fu ? That determines if you can run python plug-ins or not.

I would appreciate a bit of feed-back it might help other chromebook users.

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