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Adding Text
Hi eveybody :

       When selecting TEXT>drawing text box on diplay, I notice an "Empty Layer"
keeps showing.  When I type my text, it shows up in the Empty Layer.  But I can't
see the text on the display. I'm trying to add text to a photo.
document.oncontextmenu = null; document.body.onpaste = null; document.body.onselectstart = null; document.onselectstart = null; document.ondragstart = null; document.body.oncut = null; document.onmousedown = null; document.body.oncontextmenu = null; document.body.oncopy = null; document.body.ondragstart = null; document.body.onmousedown = null;
Some things to check

(1) Is what you expect
(2) Is layer visibility off
(3) Is layer opacity set to zero
(4) Is the layer mode other than normal.


There are more that should be obvious but...
Text off the canvas, use View -> Show All
Text layer under a solid layer, move text layer up
black text on black background / white text on white background.....

Otherwise post a screenshot of what you have:
since you havn't replied I assume Rich mentioned your problem? Be nice to let him know if you have it sorted now.

The "empty layer" is the text layer. And I have also had it that I couldn't see any text and found out that I had it set too small (size) to see.


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