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Adobe Home Use Program for CC behind VPN
How do I know if the licenses I am using at work is eligible to use the Adobe HUP? I try logging in with my work email on my home computer but doesn't work. Is there something I need to ask our Adobe Admin to enable? I believe our license server is set up within our own Intranet.
I don't know how Adobe enterprise licenses work but if I had to do something like this I would have a proxy server on the enterprise network so that WFH employees would have to connect to their enterprise network to use the software (which often means using an enterprise-owned computer).

Now of course you have Gimp, which can be used without licensing shenanigans.
In my case, I used a residential proxy to match my work's IP address. This made the software think I was at work and not at home. I got a proxy from because it let me choose an IP that was the same as my workplace. It's not a significant investment and solved my problem without constantly bothering our IT admin.

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