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Alignment tool int working
Trying to center text I'm double clicking on text box but its not giving me the white corners to align.
This has happened on my other computer....Bit confuzed on this tbh

Can anyone help on this...


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One of my least favourite tools and takes a bit of practice, do read the docs though

For your example: Looks like you want to center the red text but I will use a general example. Make sure the text layer is minimised in size - put the text in dynamic mode in the text tool options.

With the align tool active

1. For the base layer, click in the canvas. That gives squares in the corners (that is your "Relative to First Item")


2. Select the text layer and shift-click to select that. Again squares in the corners.


3. Click on the horizontal align icon in the align tool options


and as a further example, 

4. You can repeat with a different align option.

Great I've worked it out myself...
excellent thanks

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