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Almost a Super Moon
Same as lots of other people, could not resist a shot at the "super-moon". Best day (Monday) was horizon-to-horizon cloud. Last night was last chance for a couple of decades or so, eventually got a shot.

What to do with a very average shot of the moon? One way, paste it into an alien planet.

This one made with an old application, MojoWorld + the Earths moon.

I wonder where you keep all these old programs. Still have an 8" floppy drive?
Nice image !

I can almost see Anakin Wink
Supermoon is super.
[Image: 3612_GIMPLEARN_Button.png]
Just thought has been shining recently.
So I make it glow. It's brighter than the super moon.
[Image: 3612_GIMPLEARN_Button.png]
That's our special glowing paint formula. A secret mixture of unicorn poop and LED circuitry.
secret mixtures? ah man.. i'll never figure out the right proportions because unicorn poop is expensive and hard to find.
[Image: 3612_GIMPLEARN_Button.png]

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