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Almost a Super Moon
Same as lots of other people, could not resist a shot at the "super-moon". Best day (Monday) was horizon-to-horizon cloud. Last night was last chance for a couple of decades or so, eventually got a shot.

What to do with a very average shot of the moon? One way, paste it into an alien planet.

This one made with an old application, MojoWorld + the Earths moon.

I wonder where you keep all these old programs. Still have an 8" floppy drive?
Nice image !

I can almost see Anakin Wink
Supermoon is super.
Just thought has been shining recently.
So I make it glow. It's brighter than the super moon.
That's our special glowing paint formula. A secret mixture of unicorn poop and LED circuitry.
secret mixtures? ah man.. i'll never figure out the right proportions because unicorn poop is expensive and hard to find.
Looks cool. Not very real but cool

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