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Almost able to print with GIMP
(06-25-2022, 03:58 PM)ajax Wrote: This has been a problem with GIMP for many years now (as long as I've been using it) but it seems like it might be a very minor problem.  If so I'd love to be able to print my edited photos using GIMP.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Gimp 2.10.34

Ajax, you have quoted me, even unto the printer model and 13x19.
Dialog "Image>Print Size" makes sense.
Dialog "File>Print" makes sense.  The Preferences dialog for the Canon makes sense.
Dialog "File>Page Setup" contradicts the Canon driver settings in Preferences.
I do not want to risk blundering, even with Canon's cheap Luster paper at a mere $1.18/sheet.

Gimp is not perfect.  And it suffers from trying to host plugins.  (I have crashed print.exe several times.)
Gimp manipulates picture files; it is not a desktop publisher.  It offers printing as a courtesy.
Gimp is not a Computer Aided Design program.  (I followed instructions from somewhere to draw a rectangle.  I could not figure out how to change the rectangle's size.)
Gimp is not a commercial product.  It is one of many programs produced by volunteers whose generosity is baffling.  They have no fiduciary obligation to perfect the program.

(Aside: Gimp's, digiKam's, Scribus's, and Canon's documenters do a splendid job.  But I do wish they could publish flat PDF docs.

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