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An image I hope you won't see too often

Not that easy to achieve realistic TV snow. Of course, who remembers what that looked like? Big Grin

Edit: better with scan lines
Edit2: better without spelling errors and more lens distortion
That was a while back (snow)...still get pixelization (sp) though when then channels don't want to show properly Smile

I well remember snow.  I was the official troubleshooter of our old floor console Zenith.  I was the one who got out the manual, researched what the issue was, pulled out the potentially bad tubes, took them to the RexAll drugstore, plugged them into the tester, found a replacement in the designated slot, rode my bike back home, installed the new tube, then put the back back on!

Happy Days.  Smile

Love your image, by the way.
In my engineering school, the TV set in the students lounge was monopolized by soccer buffs (not all from the school...) on some evenings. In addition to removing the possibility to watch something more interesting, it made for a very noisy evening.

Until we figured out that the cable from the TV antenna on the roof to the students' lounge rode along the window of the electronics club. It was then rather simple to scramble that channel with the lab's RF oscillator Smile
Long time ago, students union TV, favourites, Dr Who and the Magic Roundabout.

Civil Engineering students, says a lot about the different disciplines Wink

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