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Animated Business Card Effect
I'm fairly new to GIMP, but I am simply awed by it.

I have used the internet and with the tutorials that I have found, I have been able to get 3D text, animated GIFS, and glitter on photos.

But what I am really trying to do is to get an animated business card.  For example, I have created 3 JPGs, opened them as layers, and exported them out as a GIF.  The business logo and business info is the same, only the phones on each business card are different.

I took three of these JPGs and added glitter to the photos and was able to export each JPG as a GIF and get the sparkle working on the photos.  However, I want to have the three JPGs/GIFs combined into an GIF so that I can have the three GIFS looping showing different photos, but also the animated sparkle/glitter on the photos.

How can I do this?

When I opened the three GIFs, it created the different layers and the quality of the photos were horrible.  So, I think that while what I want to do is possible, I have not found a way to do this yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The problem with GIF is that you have only 256 colors shared among all the frames(*) and when you add things to a loaded GIF, the colors of the additions are coerced into the colors of the first one. For most purpose, GIF is a "final" format (like, says PDF) and not mean to be further edited (for this you go back to the .XCF (or the .DOC).

If you still have the XCF of the three images, and they are in RGB mode (Image>Mode>RGB) then you can load them over each other. When saving all the colors will be crushed into 256 unique colors, but at least it will be evenly spread out between the three sequence and won't look as bad (but still won't look too good, after all it's only a GIF).

On a side note, animated things and sparkles went out of fashion at the turn of the century Smile

(*) at least for the GIF format as supported in Gimp. Extensions to GIF allow each frame to have its own colormap, but his format isn't supported in Gimp.

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