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Any Freelancers?

I'm wondering if any gimp coders would consider creating a small app for me?  I use so we could use that platform for the job if you like.

This is the problem.  I rustproof vehicles and have had a very nice app developed for my website where I can upload pictures of the process of rustproofing a customer's vehicle.  You can see it here:

Or if the link gets deleted as I expect it will, pm me and I will send you a link.  It's taking me far too long to upload the images to the website app.  It sometimes takes a whole day!  I need to do it in half an hour max.  I'm quite happy to pay £500 for an app to my user spec.  (I can't afford more than this).

So here is my specification.

Loading images to CRP page.

It's taking way too long!

This is what I'm doing at the moment.

  1. I put the smart card in a card reader.
  2. On my mac, in Desktop I use “Quick Look” to view the image. I then rename the file. Examples “front outriggers before pressure wash” etc. etc.
  3. I upload each image individually to (Free online imaging app). On Pixlr, I can crop some, add brightness and contrast to some and blur some parts of some images (to hide untidy parts of my workshop which are visible!). I can also compress the files.
  4. On Pixlr I click “Save” and then “Replace” for the file to replace the original, uncompressed file on the smartcard, with the same file name.
  5. I then upload the files to the CRP.

On the last one I did this took all day! I need to speed it up so that it takes no longer than half an hour. This is how I would like to do it:

1. I upload the images on the smart card to an app. I've found a very good app on the Mac store to compress the files called “Compress Lite”. This does a very good job of batch compressing and the images are all compressed down to about 230 GB in an instant. Then I want to upload the image to an app where they all appears as thumbnails on the app with a field for the caption. I edit the images as thumbnails. The images and editing are pretty routine now, I don't need to see them large format, although maybe a usefull option would be to click on the image to see it larger. I crop, lighten, add contrast, blur, as necessary. It would be good if I could then click on a button and all the images and their captions get uploaded to the CRP automatically.

I hope this appeals to someone.

Cheers Chris
"the images are all compressed down to about 230 GB in an instant"

*Cough*. 230GB of images, after compression? How do you take the images and how many? My 20Mpx camera produces 7MB jpegs..., so 230G B is 30.000 images... Also, what is a smart card? I don't think any "smart card" can hold the contents of a single image... Is that a SD card?

Looking at the pics on your site, they are too big... They could be half the size (they are twice as big as most laptop screens) and the JPEG compression coul dbe better (Quality 85, and more agressive chroma subsampling). You can at least half the file size...

Nobody will write you an app for £500 (how many hours of work do you perform when you bill £500?), but I think you just need to look at a real photo management app, because if your network is bad you need to work locally and minimize the number/size of uploads. There are free ones, even for OSX (XnView...) and there are pay ones (for £500 you have the choice). Some even include extensions to upload photos to Wordpress sites.

Btw, the "A" in ADSL means "asymmetrical" because the upload bandwidth (you to internet) is far worse than the download one (internet to you). if you are so dependent on a good network, maybe you should spend some of the £500 for a better network. A professional link is more expensive but is symmetrical. Or, if you have a 4G network and a good data plan, using your phone for uploads can be a lot faster.

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