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Apply and Save/Load Preset for Layer-Effects Plug-in
This plug-in will allow you Apply and Save presets (for layer effects) and allow you to Load and Apply saved presets.

Presets will be saved as .txt files under your working GIMP directory (wherever you execute GIMP from).
For example, for "bevel and emboss" presets, it'll be saved under bevel_and_emboss.txt.
So you can share your preset settings with others or edit the corresponding .txt files yourself to add presets that you've gotten from others yourself.

All of the plug-in's menu locations will appear under Layer/Layer Effects/
for example for bevel and emboss: you'll find "Apply and Save Preset Bevel and Emboss" and "Load Preset Bevel and Emboss" (similarly for other layer effects) under Layer/Layer/Effects/

There is also a "Load Preset Apply All" which will apply all layer effects presets with the same preset name.
This way you can save multiple layer effects with preset name so that the "Load Preset Apply All" can apply them all in one go to act like a single effect (with multiple layer-effects).

The plug-in can be downloaded from here

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