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Applying changes to lots of files
At risk of repeating myself, you can not use Hue-Chroma. It is a GEGL operation. GEGL is not scriptable with Gimp.

However, Chroma -100 desaturates a RGB image and can be substituted by the desaturate (luminosity) function.

Color-Balance is better, it is scriptable so get that pencil sharpened and start writing your script. That of course is for one file only and needs to be wrapped up in a batchfile to cycle through the filenames.

Back to BIMP Almost exactly as shown in the video only using Color-balance for the second 'other-gimp-function'

Here is a hint.

[Image: vYwovFH.jpg]
Well, I've already done most of the work by hand with Hue-Chroma. Nevermind, I'll just do it by hand.
(07-17-2019, 11:12 PM)SlyCooperReloadCoded Wrote: Well, I've already done most of the work by hand with Hue-Chroma.  Nevermind, I'll just do it by hand.

I don't know if the images are named as series (imagename001, imagename002, .....). In this case you can automatie the proces by using the PuloversMacroCreator. Make a macro with the learning method on one image and then put the name in a variable and test the macro out on few images to see if it work. Always work on copies of the images in case it goes wrong, you still have the originals. That is always the method if one is testing a macro.

It's just a hint....

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