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Atmospheric haze: Add and remove
I'm working on a project where I am blending a couple different photos of some landscape into a single image.

The problem I've having with this is properly color-matching many of these elements, particularly with regards of atmospheric haze.  Some of these mountains and hills were taken from different distances, and as a result some have more atmospheric haze than others, given them more or less of a blue tint.
To get my image to look right, I need to match these properly between each other.  Some of these I need to add that blue haze, and for some of them I'd like to remove it.

I thought adding the haze would be easy; I thought I'd be able to just add a new layer of just blue and just adjust the opacity.  But that didn't come out right; it didn't look like atmospheric haze, it looked like I just painted it blue.  Maybe I'm just a little off and need to use the right shade of blue, or maybe there is something else I'm missing.  Either way, I would appreciate some pointers.

I'm also curious if it is possible to remove atmospheric haze.  I tried adjusting the color balance to pull some of the blue out of a picture, but then it just looked like I was painting it yellow.  I have other pictures of the exact same kind of mountains, so I have samples of exactly what shades of green and brown and such that the various parts need to be.  Is there any way I can just automatically match the colors?  In fact, that would be really useful because they I can blend it other pictures where the plant-life is a totally different shade of green, or the rocks are a different color, etc.

So does anyone have any thoughts on how I can properly match the colors between these different photographs?
If you forget it's about skin, this tutorial could work:

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