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Attaching .xcf and .pdf?
In my next post I would like to upload a .xcf file and a one-page .pdf file. How do I do that? Is it done using the Attach procedure?

The .xcf file I mean to be downloadable, so that the reader can download it in order to experiment with the file in Gimp.

Can the .pdf file be attached as such or should it be zipped?

Or would some other method be preferable for sharing such files?
Both types can be used as attachments, PDFs are limited to 500KB and XCFs to 2MB (in Gimp 2.8 you can use the compressed variants, .xcfbz2 and  .xcfgz (*)), in Gimp 2.10 the newer .xcf has a built-in compression.

(*) .xcfgz and .xcfbz2 are specific types and limited to 2MB, while .xcf.gz and .xcf.bz2 are general GZ/BZ2 types and are limited to 500KB.

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