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Automatic Resizing of Window After Image Scale Change
I've used GIMP for more than a decade and after a computer refresh and re-installation I am having a few issues that I can't seem to get back to how they were. Most I am getting accustomed to but the one I cannot deal with is every time I change an image scale or crop, the actual GIMP program window crops down to that size, meaning I have to maximize the program constantly. Is there a setting that locks the full screen mode? I can't seem to find it nor any information about it happening to others when I search for resizing+window. Thank you in advance.  I am on Windows 10 Pro and using GIMP 2.8.22
I think the settings you need to change are in:

Edit -> Preferences -> Image Windows then under Zoom & Resize Behaviour untick the two resize options.

Good Zod, how did I miss that? Thanks!

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