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Back Button & Save Draft
We all know that good practice is to 'select all' - 'copy' and then hit preview.
I think everybody has been caught out, after developing one's articulate post.

Such glitches can still happen, but many BB's now use autosave.
It means that you can reload - hit reply - and you have indicated autosaved content to re-load.
It all depends upon the software being used.
Today, I selected all, and hit paste, instead of copy  Big Grin
It was a nooooooooo moment.

First thing that I looked for was the back icon.
I couldn't find it.
Thankfully I knew that there was a fairly standard protocol in use for Windows progs, which is Ctrl + Z.

It worked  Cool

I immediately copied correctly, all the text, and thought, okay, I'll try saving a draft.
The problem was, that the post then disappeared.
It didn't just save the post, it took me to a different place.
I then couldn't find the 'load draft' icon.
I looked, but I couldn't see it.
In the end, I re-pasted my copied text, re-uploaded the image files.... and continued with the post.

The thing is.... on other forums, I have, on numerous occasions, seen a post started with.... "I had prepared a wonderful post, but lost it".
IE. All that creative work gone.
It crushes the spirit.
So... I'm just alerting the administrators that there is no 'back' button on the command list...
... and it is not clear how a saved draft should be loaded.
I don't know the solution.
It has happened to me enough times before, so I tend to take extreme precautions.
Maybe there should be an auto placed sticky at the top of each forum... or whatever.
We don't write the code for this BB. However, using Firefox, I found in several cases that if I hit the back button immediately, I get back on the page with the text still there.
Yes, I understand the situation with the code.

Some time in the past, with a similar error, I hit the back button and loaded a different page Big Grin
That's when I researched 'undo'.
Ctrl + Z is a handy shortcut to know.

Anyway, everything is fine... I was just raising the topic.
I agree with the above. Used Draft to save some text so I could copy something else to it. Chose draft, text disappeared, cannot find out how to get it back. Why have it listed as an option if it does not work?
When you save a post as draft, it goes to you user control panel. To resume work, got to your User CP,  se "Saved drafts" near the bottom of the list of possible actions ("Miscellaneous" section), and you should find your draft. Click the edit button to resume edition and post.

(this works, this very post was saved as a  draft).

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