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Batch Process
I need a script to batch process the following steps on a number of related jpgs in a single Windows folder:

1. Fuzzy Select - set threshold to 5 - select white border
2. Layer-Transparency-Color to Alpha-OK (assuming white as default)
3. Export As - original filename - change File Type to png

Any help very gratefully received.


Are you really using Gimp 2.8?

Other than a bespoke script and batch file the only usable batch plug-in for Gimp is BIMP

The web site is here: and it is worth looking at the examples shown. 

You can download a Windows installer as well, I prefer putting the plugin in the user folder, it is up to you. The required plugins are in the attached zip file.

I did have to make a very simple python plugin to implement a 'fuzzy select' That is in the zip as well.

Not going into details since it might/might-not work for your requirements. 
A two minute video on usage:

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Thank you, Rich. You're a treasure.

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