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Batch processing question
Hi everyone,

first post here - please be gentle :-)

I have a number of images and I'd like to add a white border around them to make them look more like a photograph. Can I use a batch process for that or will I need to do one at a time?

You can certainly do them one at a time. To help there is top of the Filters menu "Repeat.." option to speed things up a little.

The only recent 'configurable' batch plugin for Gimp is one called BIMP and AFAIK nobody has compiled one for a Mac since the old lisnenet OSX versions.

That leaves a dedicated plugin. I hunted all over for a script without luck (Google must be tired of the same question asked n-number ways) and had to pull out an old template python script to modify.  That is attached, but very-hands-on. I am not good at scripting. 
Select the folder with the photos, you can change the width but the border colour is white. Edit the script to change that Wink screenshot:

This works in linux, no guarantees that it works in a Mac. Unzip, put the file in your user Gimp plug-ins folder. Check that it is executable. The menu entry is Tools -> newborder

A better bet is not Gimp. Use XnViewMP which has a batch process for selected images, including an add border filter.  There is a Mac DMG here:

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Hi rich2005,

that is awesome that you took so much time to help me out - it is greatly appreciated!

I couldn't quite get this script to work. Not all effort was wasted though, since I can look at your script and learn a lot from it. Never even knew you could create your own GIMP scripts [Image: shy.png]

For the current project, I have about 45 images, so I guess, doing them by hand is going to take less time than trying to get this done in a more elegant way.

Again, thank you very much for your efforts!

40 photos should not take too long. I did have a look at that plugin and it seems OSX need the python 'shebang' (#!/usr/bin/env python) at the start of the script. Just for the sake of completing the project...  Replaced the file in the previous post.

You have my deepest respect Wink  using a Mac would drive me crazy in double quick time. Linux is much more flexible.  I do have an old Mac VirtualMachine I can run. Pulled out of my archive and using the plugin looks like this:  duration 3 minutes.

Still no guarantee that it will work in your Mac. Things that can go wrong.
The plugin is not executable. 
I suppose Mac same as linux is case dependent so a "something.jpg" is not the same as "something.JPG"
Your Mac is bang-up-to-date and security settings prevent everything, which seems to be a recurring theme with Apple.
Excellent - it worked now! Also thanks for posting the video along with it. Seems like scripting is something that comes more natural for you Linux people :-)

Interesting: your script even compensates for the border. Glad I didn't get around to adding the borders by hand yet :-)

At least I can contribute something basic to this thread which is that something.JPG and something.jpg makes no difference on my machine - which by the way is not up to date at all, running 10.6.8 from 2011 (?). My new Mac is sitting here as of a few days ago, but I haven't set it up yet.

Thanks a bunch Rich, this is very helpful indeed!
(04-12-2020, 01:28 PM)rich2005 Wrote: using a Mac would drive me crazy in double quick time.

Pun intended?
Entirely unintentional

I shall use the term a giffy... in future Wink
MOVe on, nothing to see here.

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