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Just downloaded the beautify plugin. Extracted it and put the whole folder into the plugins folder (My personal gimp folder)  I had a look on Pixls before and saw it was working in 2.10 still but it isn't showing up at all in my filters?

1. I never saw a 'new' plugin being added when gimp started up.
2. There were no error messages.
3. I have closed gimp twice now and restarted. I haven't shut the computer down yet - will be back with the result.
4. I know it hasn't been updated or I think it hasn't since 2012 - 2.6 is talked about in the read me. Am I correct that it should still work?

EDIT: don't know what I have done but it is still not showing

Was it this you got from pixlus

This is on my storage: big-ish about 50 MB

Probably the whole folder added causing the problem.

Put the 4 files and 2 folders from the zip in C:\Users\your-name\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins as:

Find it in the usual place in the Filters menu. Works here Gimp 2.10.2
Thanks rich for answering so promptly. I just downloaded from Samj's blog and now it shows


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