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Beginners set up for printing.
A look at setting up a canvas in preparation for printing. Video duration 9 minutes

A caveat:
Gimp comes from UNIX origins and printing in MS Windows is an add-on to interface with a Windows printer driver. Since printer driver software comes from the printer manufacturer, sometimes there is a less-than-perfect match.

If you have problems printing from within Gimp then export your work as an image and use some other Windows application for printing.

Whatever you do, when starting a graphic for eventual printing, it might be small, say a birthday card or it might be large, a poster, it is vital that the initial set up matches the overall aim of the project.

- Setup a new canvas at 300 pixels-per-inch for printing
- Use a preset Gimp template size.
- The Gimp Image menu -> Print Size dialogue
- The Gimp File -> Page Setup and Print dialogues
- The difference between high resolution and low resolution images.
- Printing imported images on a Gimp preset (A4 or US-Letter) canvas and the effect of printer margins.
Very helpful! Thanks, rich.
Good video !

You should totally make your videos into a weekly series, rich.
Thanaks for explaining Rich.

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