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Brighten Portion of Image?
Simplest method is to change the gamma a bit (middle handle in the Levels tool):

@Ofnuts, nice tip. Thanks. Another one I like :
(10-11-2021, 04:50 AM)sallyanne Wrote: You could also try this.
Outline the area you want to lighten with free select SelectFree , After you get to the end and you get the marching ants - feather the selection. Between 3 & 8 usually. Larger # for a larger photo and smaller # for a smaller one. Then use the curves tool which will lighten this area only. The feathering should have a blurring effect into the outer area, if not enough feathering, you can use the healing tool Heal  to go over the line created to bring the two area colours together.

I kept everything else the same as Rich Suggested with the layer mask, overlay, etc.I also left the active layer as the layer mask selecting the black which I see a white outline.  On Feather, a box comes up it defaults to Pixils and if I put in 3 it's then 3000. I assume I then draw around my selection. Right? 

I then went to Color/Curves, using the defaults and moved the curve. Hit ok and I see no effect. I must be missing a step. 
Any more suggestions on what I’m doing wrong will be appreciated

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