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Bulk remove GIMP comments
Hello all,

Is there any way to remove GIMP comments from files via script?
I have quite a lot of them and opening and  removing each single one would be rather tedious work.

Thanks for ideas
This is the Gimp comment? Typically Made by Gimp and set in Edit -> Preferences -> Default New Image -> Comment

Someone might have a way but all I see is a procedure for reading a comment nothing for writing.

All your images in Gimp .xcf format? Exporting to PS .psd format will keep most layers although text layers are rasterized. The comment goes (at least it does here). That should be scriptable.

Just in case your images are not Gimp .xcf but filename.png or filename.jpg then you can use ImageMagick and the mogrify command (use it in the folder with the images) say:

mogrify -strip *.png

This permanently alters the files. Always best to work with copies when using mogrify.
yes , it's for xcf files.
Good idea to go with psd format ... I'll try that.
And yes I've already done the mogrify part for my png and jpg files.
Thank you.

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