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Calling Filters->Distorts->Waves from scheme
Meanwhile I found the merge request which changed the upper limit from 50 to 100. It states "It would be possible to raise it more (gegl:waves allows up to 500), but the effect is most visible before 100."

I think gegl:waves allows even up to 1000. Anyway, a limit of 500 would have suited my needs (I would have liked to use it for some animation, where smaller changes are usually better visible compared to static images). Sad To change that limit myself I would have to compile gimp from scratch. I fear, this is beyond my abilities.

Quote:a) How can I call Filters->Distorts-Waves from within a scheme script?

So, my answer to my question is: Yes, you can use the procedure plug-in-waves to access Filters->Distorts->Waves, but only with some limitations (small wavelengths only, no center point, no change in aspectratio). Alternatively one can use a python script instead of scheme script, which seems to be more flexible (at least in this regard).

Many thanks to all of you who helped, even if the result is not the one I hoped for...

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