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Can anybody sign in @ gimpchat (Website down?
It looks like that is down. Can anybody reach one of the Administrator and just let them know? Or can other member from GIMPCHAT here concur?
Its the time when the siteowner (= omega) has to renew his subscription - which again he seemed to have missed
It seem the this is a conflict every year since they or him took over the website. Gnu Tux had the site going with hardly no trouble. What is going to take to keep gimpchat on all the time? Just saying!
It's a pity that the site is owned by someone who has absolutely no interest in GIMP.
It looks to me like the only interest in that forum site for omega is to earn money through adverts.
Moved you alongside the other post on the subject.

Still shows here with a UK provider. Tried with an old Tor browser and shows as well, who knows.

Not quite an absentee owner. Has responded sometimes and difficult to say these days when some people have departed for ever.

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