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Can't Open Files (Mac)
So I realize the issue with Catalina sinceI upgraded early.  However I just continued to use the work around of opening files directly from the Finder.  However today when I went to open a file, I get an issue that this system needs to run the zsh.  It gave me a command to type in the terminal, which I did.  I went to reopen the file, and I am stuck at the terminal again, and this is all I am seeing:

Last login:  Mon Nov 25 09:33:47 on ttys000
username@user-iMac ~ %

I replaced our computer name and user info with username and user.  But how do I fix this problem?  I switched to Gimp so I wouldn't have to pay for photoshop any longer, but Catalina seems to be causing so much issues.  Thanks so much.
There is a long thread about the problem.

Issue closed because apparently fixed with Gimp 2.10.14

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