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Can't connect to the gimp plugin registry
(07-08-2018, 10:51 AM)Drich2005 Wrote:
(07-08-2018, 10:02 AM)nelo Wrote: You can download the whole registry packed together by from here:
(Click on Clone or Download on the right hand side)

Thanks for that. Nice to know it has been saved.

Before you want layerfx and jump in and download, the zip (157 MB) is a mirror of the web-site not just a collection of scripts and plugins. (Has been known that people use their mobile phones here Wink )

So download it. Unzip to a folder somewhere. This in linux but should be the same for Windows (I hope)

Find the sub-folder for the glossary. Open that in a browser (drag-n-drop should work). That gives a starting point for finding a file. (or open the index.html file then use the see the glossary link)

Then just like any other web page. Under the 'L's an entry for Layer Effects, Right click to download.

Thanks a lot everyone, I was able to get the file and use it Big Grin

Btw, you can also get the files directly, if you know the name (In my case, layerfx.scm), in the "\\files" folder. That folder seems to hold every plugin there was on the website.

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