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Can't find brush "Size" (help)
On GIMP 2.8 on my mac, I can't find the brush "Size".

I attached a picture of my display. It shows "Spacing", but not "Size".

Where can I find it? please help.

You are looking at the Brush Dialogue.
The Size Control is in the Tool Options.

In case you dont have it open, go to
Windows -> Dockable Dialogues -> Tool Options
That is because you have closed the tool options sometime. Maybe you were trying to make Gimp look like PS, a common mistake.

Go into Edit -> Preference -> Windows Management Click on Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values
Ok everything and restart Gimp.

That gets the default 3 Window mode. Strongly advise Windows -> Single Window mode while you are getting used to the Gimp interface.

Brush spacing is in the brushes dock but the spacing (and everything applicable) is in the tool options.

[Image: tUy0FxT.jpg]
(10-05-2019, 06:41 PM)namanjohnson101 Wrote: hello everyone,

Can't screencap my cursor, but it's showing something that looks like a marker with layers icon to the bottom right of it. There's also a plus sign looking thing on the cursor icon. Can't draw, change brush, or change size of the currently selected brush.

Thanks in advance!

Android, do not know version of Gimp? Not surprising Gimp does not work.

However, try Edit -> Preferences -> Tool Options click on reset, ok, restart Gimp. as

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