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Can't find brush "Size" (help)
On GIMP 2.8 on my mac, I can't find the brush "Size".

I attached a picture of my display. It shows "Spacing", but not "Size".

Where can I find it? please help.

You are looking at the Brush Dialogue.
The Size Control is in the Tool Options.

In case you dont have it open, go to
Windows -> Dockable Dialogues -> Tool Options
That is because you have closed the tool options sometime. Maybe you were trying to make Gimp look like PS, a common mistake.

Go into Edit -> Preference -> Windows Management Click on Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values
Ok everything and restart Gimp.

That gets the default 3 Window mode. Strongly advise Windows -> Single Window mode while you are getting used to the Gimp interface.

Brush spacing is in the brushes dock but the spacing (and everything applicable) is in the tool options.

[Image: tUy0FxT.jpg]

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