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Can't think of a better time
Hi all, I've been meaning to create a new account for a long time - for various reasons, I've decided to abandon my old account(i think i posted once a long time ago). I've been using GIMP for awhile now, It Really Is Great! Anyway, I was planning to post about something else, but stuff keeps getting in the way and it's not done yet, so I thought, since we are on the verge of the End Of The World As We Know It, I'd just like to share a Logo that I made today. I thought it might save people some time.

If anyone can point me to a print on demand that Is FAST, i would appreciate it!

Anyway, here is the gallery(with different sizes):

and here's the proof i did it in GIMP:
[Image: 1ZWmWnna_o.png]
I tried to make it as big as possible and still upload:
[Image: IkL6eg8H_o.png]
Stand With Ukraine!
btw, I made some even smaller versions. I tried to post them on my favorite pixelart place but there seems to be a hold up getting the post approved(mods must be asleep).

Anyway, here they are:
[Image: indexed-Stand-With-Ukraine600.png]

[Image: indexed-Stand-With-Ukraine240.png]

[Image: indexed-Stand-With-Ukraine120.png]

[Image: indexed-Stand-With-Ukraine60fix.png]

[Image: indexed-Stand-With-Ukraine30fix.png]
small fix
[Image: indexed-Stand-With-Ukraine30fixfix.png]
...i wish this site had a way to zoom images.

Just to be clear, people should know i reserve no claims on these designs. They are free to use any way & anywhere.
I uploaded them all to imgur(you can download the whole zip there):

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