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Can there be a warning when overwriting a multi-page source pdf?
Like a little popup explaining that it will not export back as a multi-page pdf, but to a flattened one-page pdf.
Sorry for your misfortune; once again this is not the place/forum to ask those questions as the people here will tell you how to do things in gimp...they are not the creators. There may be a work around, I do not know
The place for feature requests is

Moved you because you say you are using Gimp 2.8  Which linux are you using ? Can you update to Gimp 2.10 ?

Gim[p 2.8 does not support by default multi-page PDF  Any image with layers is flattened. Pointless to have a warning message.

You can get a script that will join separate images into a multi-page PDF see:  Read the description there but for Gimp 2.8 use the attached. Unzip, put in your scripts folder ~/.gimp-2.8/scripts

If you are stuck with Gimp 2.8 , look into using ImageMagick which will join a series of images into a PDF and has the advantage making a smaller file size.

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