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Cannot find Sans font
That might work for you, but the default 'Sans' font comes from the Gimp linux background. Many of the old script-fu filters referenced that font in their code.

From this this:

Ofnuts gave this explanation:

This is a font that doesn't correspond to any specific file. It is an indirect reference to a real font (a bit like a desktop shortcut). What it refers to totally depends on what fonts are installed on the system.

It is worth remembering.
Came across the same type of problem in Gimp 2.10.34 last week: when editing a text in an older XCF, the font type in the text tool came up only as "Standard" and in red, with a tooltip "Font 'Sans' unavailable on this system". When looking at the XCF with a text editor, I also only found "Sans" as font type. Actually entering "Sans" as font type for the text in question resulted in a completely different font type than before, though.

While searching for what font type the generic "Sans" might have originally mapped to on my system, I came across this thread. The suggestion "DejaVu Sans" from this thread came very close, but didn't fit completely. A bit more searching for similar fonts gave me the solution, though. On my system, "Sans" was mapped to "Verdana". Probably not very surprising, in retrospect, since it is a Windows 10 system, but maybe the information will help other people with the same problem (at least on Windows systems; it might obviously map to other font types on other OS'es).

I entered "Verdana" as font type for the text in question, and the text then rendered exactly as before and I was able to make the edits I was trying to do.

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