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Canvas size not responding
Ive been trying to open new canvas at 8.5x11. Done this a million times. File-new- but ( just today) once i change height, then click width to change it, the height reverts to what it was?? Never happened before. Now wont let me change canvas size at all. What happened, how do i fix this please help!
Not able to duplicate that problem.

Can you give some more information.


Reference to those screenshots:

When you make a new canvas File -> New What are the values that come up for your default canvas? As next to (1) width x height pixels @ something ppi What values do you see?

Does the drop down template menu work? What does US-Letter give you (2) Does it look like (3)? When you OK it does it make a blank canvas?

If you have no success I would try Edit -> Preferences -> Tool Options then Reset Saved Tool Options to Default Values
Ok that, close dialogue, restart Gimp. See if the problem continues.

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