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Celebrating "Click to Select" in 2.10.10
If you work with layers and need a reason to upgrade to 2.10.10, the new Click-to-Select feature could be it. Click on any area in the working window and you'll see it selected in the Layers dialog. This is one feature I've sorely missed in the transition from Photoshop.

Way to go, Development Team. Thank you!

Big Grin
How would that work on Linux Mint MATE?
From the Changelog:

Quote:Jehan implemented a new generic canvas modifier Alt + middle click allowing layers to be picked by clicking on pixels. The available layers will be looped through (starting from the upper one) while the Alt key is held and the picked layer name will be temporarily displayed in the status bar. 
This only opens a context-menu here

Already come across that one Wink Maybe a 'buntu/mint thing. Use the key combination Win Key + Alt + middle mouse button.

(similar to when you put a vertical guide at the end of the measure tool Win key + Alt rather than the plain Alt)
Yes, that's the way it works.
Thanks for finding that.
After reading early replies, I see it's a little more complex. With the move tool active, I can move any layer I click on, i.e., layer 2, but only if I move it without releasing the left button. Once I release the button, GIMP returns to the previously active layer 1. Other tools apply only to layer 1.

Fortunately, the Win Key + Alt + middle mouse button does durably change the active layer.

The next thing I hope developers will address is the ability to size, rotate, move, skew, or otherwise transform a layer without changing tools for each operation as we can in Inkscape.
You can already do this using the Unified Transform Tool:
(04-14-2019, 03:27 PM)nelo Wrote: You can already do this using the Unified Transform Tool:

Oh my, am I glad I brought this up. I'd looked at this tool, but didn't find all the hidden goodies. THANK YOU Nelo! GIMP is a never-ending treasure hunt.

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