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Change color intensity stroking along a path
The link in post #13 no longer gives you access to that plugin. For new developments, see:
@ Ottia Tuota, thanks for the update. 
That's the kind of path I want to walk with gimp animation: an little gif example made from a chopped path in combination with 'animated path stroking'  (click on the image for animation):
(09-28-2021, 08:02 AM)denzjos Wrote: @ PixLab. I just made a harmonograph with the help of a Ottia Tuota plugin ( : Filters / Render / Parametric curves / Special curves / Simple harmonograph. Then I used the Ottia Tuota chop plugin ( to chop the path in a lot of paths (in this case 893 paths). Then I used the 'stroke_paths_with_gradient' plugin. And then I had a long, long, long, coffee break (1h45min) to have the result. So don't panic if the plugin is working. I suggest to test this with a small amount of paths before you give your computer a big job.

Sorry for the late answer, Thanks a lot @denzjos

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