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Changing Watermark opacity in Gimp 2.10
Having successfully used Gimp to recover a couple of thousand elderly pages for
archiving - and my thanks to Ofnuts for his help on this project - I now need to
watermark them before the archive goes on line.

Have read several tutorials about watermarks using Gimp, and  made progress
towards a batch operation - except for adjusting the watermark opacity. There was
a tool for changing opacity in earlier versions of Gimp - where is it in 2.10 please,
or has the procedure changed?

There has never been a "tool" in the Gimp sense. There is a slider to adjust the opacity of the current layer (top of the Layers list).

IMHO if you want to watermark a couple thousands of pictures, the efficient way is to create the watermark image itself with partial opacity,
and then to batch- compose it over the image using the compose component of ImageMagick.
If you prefer some utility with a GUI there is the BIMP plugin for Gimp.

There is a built in watermark function where you can add regular text with varing opacity or a Graphic watermark where you would need to make the graphic with the required opacity.



...but yes when it comes to speed and efficiency ImageMagick wins. are using linux. Which distro?

This is the BIMP I use in (k)buntu good chance it works on your installation.
Unzip. Put the file bimp2 in ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins Check that it is still executable

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Thank you Ofnuts and Rich2005 for the advice about watermarks.  It will be much easier now to get
a satisfactory result.

Rich2005, you asked which Linux? I am using MX-Linux, a very stable OS which is based on Debian. Both
Gimp and the Bimp plug-in are included in an MX repository so installation is easy and so far, they both
appear to be completely compatible with MX.

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