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Clipboard not working
I have three systems running Gimp 2.10.6

One of them, a Surface Pro 4 running Win 10 does not copy anything to the clipboard when I do a copy. The other two systems, a Win 10 desktop, and a Win 7 laptop, work fine.

However the Surface Pro 4 does a copy and paste just fine using the graphic program

Anyone have any ideas what is wrong?
Is there a clipboard history manager on the Surface?
Not that I know of. I'm running stock Win 10 on the Surface Pro 4 which I bought new and it originally came with Win 7. I took the free upgrade to Win 10 a while ago.
Is that copy/paste within Gimp, or copy/paste between Gimp and another app, or both?
Oh boy. I've had this experience before. You think you know certain symptoms only to find out you were mistaken.

I did some more testing and I was mistaken with most of what I said.

It might be best that you simply ignore everything I've said up to this point and start fresh.

Here's my problem. Copy/paste works fine using rectangular or eliptical select but what I've been trying to do is use the free select tool (I call it the lassoo) to do a copy and paste. (There's no difference between my three systems, they all act the same way, sorry).

Is it simply not possible to use the free select tool for copy and paste?
(08-28-2018, 10:01 PM)peterfrostad Wrote: Is it simply not possible to use the free select tool for copy and paste?

Of course it is possible, but... you have to make sure it creates a selection. Since 2.10 you have have to strike [Enter] or double-click inside the selection to "commit" the action.
Wow, thanks. It works.

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