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Color Picker Tool in the Change Foreground Color dialog
(02-27-2024, 12:56 AM)Danbor Wrote: Went ahead and installed the Appimage referenced in post #9 this afternoon.
  The color picker eyedropoer now works. Added the G'MIC-QT 3.3.4 plugin and it works.
  Also added the Resynthesizer plugin as the Appimage supposedly has the python 2 dependencies that it needs to work. No joy.

Probably (maybe) the version of resynthesizer you use.

Go here: and get the 203 version.

Unzip and put the 4 files resynthesizer203 resynthesizer_gui203 in ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins/ They should already be executable but check anyway.

Do not be tempted to use separate folders, not essential for Gimp 2.10.  The resynthesizer plugin shows in  Files -> Map and is used for making seamless tiles. The popular python heal plugins are in Filters -> Enhance.

This an all-in-one screenshot: Mint 21.3 (MATE) / Gimp 2.10.36 (PPA) / Appimage launcher to add python support. 


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