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Colors issue

Sometimes I have colors issue like that, most of time it happens when I have a lot of image opened and I must not save the image if not it will save with the bugs.

[Image: c4s8T18.jpg]

And unfortunately for this image I have saved with theses colors issues.

Is there anything I can do to get back the image without the squares ?

Gimp 2.10.x
More info is required. How many layers are there? On which layer are these squares?

But more important is to find out how they were created in the first place. And then prevent the creation. You will probably need to come up with an image and workflow that creates the problem.
Hello, I have 16 layers but not all of them are used (viewed), sometimes I use layers as backups before doing a change.
The bug affected most of all layers.
It happens randomly when I have al lot of xcf files opened which are big with a lot of layers. It's a RAM issue I think.
I also think it is a RAM problem, run a serious memory test on your computer.

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