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Computer ram recommendation
I am specking a new computer.  Any recommendations for ram?  I'll probably go with 16 GB but can I get better performance in Gimp with 32 GB?  

Also any thoughts on a processor?  Is Intel integrated graphics good enough? 630 UHD or the newer 750 UHD?  Any thoughts would be welcome.
Depends on your workload/image type (and what else you run alongside Gimp). If your current machine is 8GB and you rarely hit the limits 16GB should be enough. Not that much of production-grade Gimp using the GPU currently. Otherwise I would aim for a decently fast CPU.
I am currently using 16 GB. I mostly notice issues with large files and the healing brush. 4600x2600 and up +/* I haven't paid that much attention.
Try to add some graphics memory. 2 GB or 4 GB of Radeon or Nvidia should prove useful.

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